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Association Between Diet & DCM

12/24/22 UPDATE: We have seen better outcomes than normal for DCM cases in dogs that started out on grain-free diets and then, as part of treatment, were put on diets with grain. Though this is still not a replacement for quality studies, it adds great credence to the thought that diet plays a role in […]

Updated COVID-19 Policy

COVID: Everyone in the building is required to wear masks fully covering their mouth and nose. We can handle up to 3 clients in the waiting room at a time with social distancing. We have a glass window at the reception desk. We supply wipes and hand sanitizer. We are only taking electronic forms of […]

COVID-19 & Pets

Please note that COVID is NOT transmissible to humans from pets. Though 2 asymptomatic dogs tested positive in China, they cleared the virus without signs and without infecting people thus they may be, at worst, a dead end host. This means they can “host” the virus in their system but they cannot pass that virus […]

Office Updates

Hello Everyone- We appreciate all the support and enthusiasm you have shown us. We are excited to meet your friends and family who are becoming our friends and clients. With the rapid growth, we are looking forward to completion of some short-term plans to help us better serve everyone. Longer term plans are also being […]

Ease Your Hectic Schedule

We understand you are very busy but still want the best of care for your pets. We now offer Day Stay Appointments. You chose convenient and personal drop off and pick up times. We communicate with you by phone during the day. There is no extra charge for this service which is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, […]

Thunderstorm Phobia Study

Dr. Cobb has worked with an expert in the field of human colorpuncture to bring this modality to pets primarily for anxiety. Based on a very small sampling of dogs in 2014, the reviews have been mixed. Some owners felt they saw no change and others felt the colorpuncture was very useful. Dr. Cobb can […]

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