Alternative Remedies

Chinese Herbs

The practice offers Chinese herbs to help pets with pain-relief, allergies, organ problems and infections. Though herbs can be used based on conventional diagnoses, veterinarians at Pathways to Wellness are trained in the nuances of traditional Chinese medicine. This allows a more refined approach to herbal choices. Many Chinese patterns of illness can create the same conventional diagnosis. Different herbs work best for each of these patterns.


This modality combines homeopathic remedies to eliminate toxins from the body. They help pets with allergies, organ disease, and infections. The remedies are close to tasteless so they are easily administered to finicky patients. Homeopathy is currently under great scrutiny by the conventional community.


These are nutritional components that aid in healing. Many are aimed at regulating the immune system or speeding the healing process.  Conventional practitioners are beginning to utilize some nutraceuticals. A common example is omega three fatty acids.

Pathways to Wellness veterinarians can offer alternative and conventional treatments options that best meet the needs of each individual family’s situation.