Detailed review of patient records, literature searches, getting to know clients and consulting with specialists allow Dr. Cobb to assist with decision-making in both complex and simple cases.

Time is money and veterinarians are very busy people. Given her desire to continue to learn and stay current, Dr. Cobb reserves some of her working time to be hired for this purpose. One of her greatest joys is to research details specific to a given case and help guide families towards answers that best fit their needs.

Callie, offers a great example of this service. She was diagnosed with a form of cancer that historically kills dogs in a matter of weeks to months. Callie was lucky. Her tumor was found during a work up for an unrelated severe seizure. Given that her tumor was found early, the teaching hospital recommended lung lobe removal followed by chemotherapy. With this therapy, it was believed Callie could survive another year.

After speaking with oncologists and researching this type of cancer and its various outcomes, Dr. Cobb answered the families questions. They opted to forego surgery and chemotherapy. Instead, Callie received conventional anticonvulsants and Chinese herbs. She enjoyed a happy, normal, pain-free life for a year.

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