Pathways to Wellness


Our mission has always been to provide the community with less common veterinary modalities for their house pets and competition dogs. So, it might surprise you to learn that our story actually began with a horse.

She was a very sick young horse blessed with a very tenacious owner. In fact, she was so sick that her veterinarian, Dr. Cobb, sent her to New Bolton Center, the premier equine hospital on the east coast. Sadly, they found an inoperable abscess (infection) in her liver. She remained at the hospital for several months under the care of the best equine internists. They tried everything but she continued to decline.

When she developed a secondary and deadly problem with her feet, euthanasia was imminent. Her owner, however, refused to give up. Though this story long predates the mainstream acceptance of Integrative Medicine, the concerned clinician contacted Dr. Xie, who was then at the University of Florida. He prescribed and shipped Chinese herbs. Within weeks, the filly was completely normal.

Dr. Cobb was stunned into action; She had to learn this modality.  To do so, she had to start with a Chinese acupuncture course. She enrolled in 2000; 11 years after her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Thankfully, the course required a mentorship and Dr. Gloria Weintrub, often dubbed the grandmother of alternative medicine, agreed to fulfill the role. 

In 2008, when Dr. Cobb called her mentor and friend with the news she was opening a small animal practice in Hainesport, she was astounded to hear, “I’m coming with you.” Dr. Weintrub then proceeded to teach.  And what a treasure trove she is! Dr. Weintrub has retired but remains a friend and mentor. Since then, part-time veterinarians have been hired based on 1) an interest in alternative modalities, 2) a strong grasp of conventional medicine and, perhaps most importantly, 3) a desire to help clients make highly individualized decisions. Dr. D’Ingianni, CVA joined in this capacity in 2020. In May of 2021, the practice welcomed her full-time. Which brings us back to our beginnings. Remember Dr. Xie who cured the horse with herbs? He established the Chi University where Dr. D is now pursuing a masters in Chinese Medicine. With open-minds and ample experience in alternative and conventional medicine, our veterinarians are well-positioned to discuss the best options from both worlds for each individual case. Clients continue to travel far and wide to seek care and advice for their pets and working dogs. A friendly, caring atmosphere and willingness to work with client’s wishes are mainstays of the practice. Clients appreciate up-to-date advice specific to the conditions facing their particular pet.

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