Office Updates

Hello Everyone-

We appreciate all the support and enthusiasm you have shown us. We are excited to meet your friends and family who are becoming our friends and clients. With the rapid growth, we are looking forward to completion of some short-term plans to help us better serve everyone. Longer term plans are also being formulated for implementation in an appropriate time frame.

Immediate changes include electronic medical records within the next few weeks and greatly expanded hours starting May 1. We would like to expand hours sooner, but we do not have the staff to do so. Until the end of next month, we need your help. We are implementing a temporary waiting list for willing clients with non-essential well care needs. This frees available space for sick and needy pets.  Starting May 1st, we will begin catching up so that we can eliminate the wait list. We are also asking for a three day turn around allowance for filling prescription renewals. Please keep an eye on your supplies and plan in advance to allow us time to prepare for you to pick up.

We have always prioritized maintaining the friendly atmosphere in our little yellow building. We will continue to implement practices that allow this most cherished quality to prosper as we grow. Down the road, we look forward to a pet portal where you have access to your pet’s records, added services, and changes in the office design.  

Thank you for everything. You are the BEST.

Posted by
Lori Cobb, VMD

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