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Non-FORCE Chiropractic care

Chiropractic, also called Spinal Manipulation or Medical Manipulation, is one type of holistic medicine utilized at Pathways to Wellness. It promotes the restoration of a properly functioning neuro-musculoskeletal system without the use of surgery or drugs, and thus their potentially harmful side effects. Non-Force technique is designed to aid the body’s natural healing response to return the body to homeostasis. No heavy manipulation is needed; the body does the work.

The most common reasons for pets to visit are 1) pain, 2) poor performance and/or 3) ataxia (wobbly, unbalanced gait). Sometimes the diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic pain syndromes, subtle performance issues or poor balance is managed with chiropractic alone. In these cases, the chiropractic exam determines the source of the problem and an adjustment corrects the imbalance and therefore the clinical signs. Other times chiropractic is used in collaboration with other holistic modalities and/or traditional veterinary medicine to achieve best results. One stellar combination is chiropractic and acupuncture for the treatment of disc disease (IVDD).

Minor deviations (called subluxations) of the musculoskeletal system can have profound or very subtle effects on comfort and gait.  Though adjustments elsewhere in the body are often needed, the most commonly treated area is the spine; thus, the term Spinal Manipulation. The small bones of the back, neck and pelvis are called vertebra. When these bones deviate slightly from proper alignment, we use the term vertebral subluxation. A chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation directs a painless low amplitude thrust to correct vertebral subluxations. Discs can also be treated with a gentle thrust in the proper direction at that specific articulation.

Chiropractic is one of the most gratifying aspects of our work in veterinary alternative medicine.  It is common for pets with subluxations to arrive in horrible pain and leave as though nothing was ever wrong. Our South Jersey team also enjoys seeing sporting dogs. These working dogs can have subtle issues resulting in poor performance that are only appreciated with a chiropractic exam. Agility and other sporting dogs arrive from the tri-state area and beyond for restoration and maintenance of peak performance.

How Is Chiropractic Adjustment Performed?

During your pet’s veterinary chiropractic visit, our doctors perform a non-painful chiropractic and traditional veterinary musculoskeletal exam and explain their findings. Your veterinarian will discuss whether subluxations exist and the likelihood that an adjustment will address the concern that brought you.  At your first visit, Pathways to Wellness veterinarians offer to demonstrate how an adjustment feels by using the activator on your arm or hand. You will feel nothing but the touch of the activator as you hear the click sound that emanates. It is the energy of the trust, rather than force, that creates the realignment. Once adjusted, the veterinarian will make post-treatment healing recommendations regarding activity level and when to return for follow-up care if needed. If chiropractic is not expected to address the reason for your visit, you may be asked to return for a consultation to discuss other holistic and traditional modalities. In these consultations, a full hour is devoted to you and your cat or dog.

Issues Treated Utilizing Spinal Manipulation Therapy 

  • Neck, back, leg, and tail pain
  • Unexplained lameness (gait/walking abnormalities)
  • Abnormal weight bearing
  • Difficulty chewing/jaw issues
  • Muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, and nerve problems
  • Hyperesthesia (flinching of skin)

Chiropractic Is Also Utilized For:

  • Maintenance of joint and spinal health
  • Sporting Dog performance enhancement and maintenance

How Often Are Adjustments Performed?

For many issues, one adjustment corrects the problem and no further adjustments are required. For others, 2-4 adjustments may be needed. Many clients opt to come for routine chiropractic examinations in order to keep their pet or working dog as comfortable as possible.

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