Pathways to Wellness

Support Your Pet’s Recovery The Natural Way

Conventional veterinary medicine can help your cat and dog deal with various conditions. However, it can fall short; sometimes offering only a quick fix or, at times leading to unwanted side effects that slow the recovery process. 

Holistic pet medicine and its efficient treatment options offer another approach.

At Pathways To Wellness, our seasoned veterinarians offer conventional and alternative treatments to make your four-legged companion feel their best again. We work with clients who only want conventional medicine, clients who only want alternative medicine and clients who are open to both. We discuss choices and potential outcomes so you can pick from the best of both worlds.

What Alternative Remedies Can You Find At Pathways To Wellness?

From Chinese Medicine to chiropractic, we offer multiple alternative remedy options to support your pet in regaining its healthy shape. If you are in Burlington County or anywhere near New Jersey, you can visit our professionals to learn more about:

Discover numerous nutritional components that may aid your pet heal from an injury or health condition, regulating their immune system and supporting their recovery.
Chinese Herbs
The veterinarians at Pathways To Wellness bring their extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine. Following a polished approach, they can recommend the essential herbs to ease your pets’ pain, alleviate the discomfort coming from allergies, and face organ issues and infections.
Food Therapy
Food is medicine.  What your pet eats can help to promote overall health and wellness and it can also help to heal.  In Traditional Eastern Medicine food is an integral part of the medical therapy that your animal will receive.  Along with providing acupuncture and herbal medicine, we can assist you in choosing the best food for your pet.  

It is not only the ingredients in food that are important but other properties as well.  Each food has different thermal energetic properties or “temperatures.”  Based on an individual’s genetic properties, personality, age, species and disease process/imbalance, we will help formulate a diet to meet the specific needs of your pet. We also provide specialized diet recommendations for pets with special needs like kidney disease and cancer.
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