Pathways to Wellness

Ensuring No Veterinary Need Is Left Unsatisfied

For those wishing to find a solution for their cat’s or dog’s issues within Western or Alternative medicine exclusively, our fully-licensed professionals have the experience and technical background to perform the necessary procedures and take excellent care of every furry companion. By finding the root cause of each problem, we aim to reduce any signs of pain or discomfort and help them return to their daily activities as soon as possible.

Though we are well versed in conventional medicine, at Pathways To Wellness, we prefer to consider both conventional and holistic pet medicine, and, with our clients, chose the best solution for their family’s needs. Clients interested in this approach are offered a one-hour exam and consulting session discussing traditional and alternative treatment options, including techniques like acupuncture or chiropractic therapy. Once you have a complete overview of the available approaches to treat your pet’s illness or ailment, you can choose the most suitable alternative for their case.

A Welcoming Space Designed To Accommodate You & Your Pets

Entering Pathways To Wellness, you will be greeted by a peaceful atmosphere. We created a small, warm, and convenient veterinary hospital designed to feel more like a home for you and your pet. Our space is equally inviting and functional, so you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and stress-free while we work on addressing your pet’s needs.

Superior Care for Your Pet AND You

Whether you seek an alternative type of care or prefer following a traditional treatment plan, we will ensure your furry friend will receive superior pet care. We also strongly adhere to this principle:  The person best equipped to make informed decisions about their pet and family needs is you. We are here to advise, not dictate; to inform, not judge.

Criticism and guilt have no place at Pathways To Wellness. Driven by our commitment to serving animals’ needs, we work following a friendly and open mindset. Our team is equipped with seasoned veterinary professionals, always ready to listen to your concerns and support you and your companion pet in the healing journey. Since the beginning, our goal has been to establish honest and intimate relationships with our clients, so you can feel safe and confident to come back anytime you face a medical issue with your pet’s health. Our dedicated staff and every new member joining our team, is here to understand your anxiety and fears and assist you in doing the best for your companion.
We proudly serve Burlington County and surrounding towns.
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