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Healthy And Clean Teeth – The Key For A Longer, Happier & Better Pet Life

Bad breath, loose teeth, loss of appetite, and swollen gums are only a few of the indications that show something is abnormal with your pet’s dental hygiene. Dental checkups are an essential part of veterinary health care for your cat and dog.  Teeth problems, like periodontal diseases, can impact the overall health of your pet, leading to more challenging adventures. We are here to help you care for your pet’s teeth.

Let’s Work Together To Give Your Pets The Oral Health They Deserve

At Pathways To Wellness, we offer dental care services to your four-legged family members, checking if they suffer from any dangerous dental conditions. Whether you start observing changes in your pet’s eating habits and behavior or notice a dental concern during a routine veterinary visit, our team is here to help you find out what is wrong.

Most dental and oral treatment procedures require the administration of anesthesia to ensure maximum safety and less discomfort for your pet. Our veterinary hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art dental machine to minimize the anesthesia time and turn any dentistry procedure into a more comfortable experience for your furry companion.

Our mission is to assist you in treating oral and dental ailments risking your pets’ well-being and ensuring they maintain a healthy and clean mouth in the long run. In case you need a more specialized dental treatment, we can also refer you to board-verified veterinary dentists with the expertise to help you carve a targeted treatment plan.

We proudly serve Burlington County and surrounding towns.
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